Yellow urine problem during pregnancy – symptoms and remedies

Pregnancy causes so many changes in the body of a woman that it is easier to get worried at the slightest pretext. These changes present themselves through various signs and symptoms which can be easily mistaken as disease or medical condition. Yellow urine during pregnancy is one such sign which can cause pregnant women to become anxious. But in reality, yellow urine during pregnancy is quite normal and is not a sign of any disease if it is not accompanied by other symptoms. But it can be simply caused by what you eat or the prenatal vitamins you take during pregnancy. Let us discuss about yellow urine during pregnancy so that you understand when to worry about it and when not.

Yellow urine during pregnancy

Yellow urine during pregnancy is quite normal. It occurs time to time and seldom during a pregnancy will you have completely clear urine. During pregnancy the urine can be dark yellow, bright yellow or neon yellow. You may take this as some sign of disease but it is not.

yellow urine during pregnancy

yellow urine during pregnancy

What causes yellow urine problem during pregnancy?

Yellow urine during pregnancy can be caused by several factors.

  • Dehydration – Dehydration is one of the most common causes which make the urine dark yellow. The color of the urine comes from a pigment called urochrome. When we drink less water our urine gets concentrated thus becoming dark yellow.
    The simple solution to this problem is to increase water intake. Water will dilute the urochrome and make your urine clear. Try to carry water along with you so that you can sip often. Try to drink water more often while at home. You can have fruit juices also to increase fluid intake.
  • Diet during pregnancy – Another culprit behind yellow urine during pregnancy is your diet. You may be surprised to read this, but certain fruits and vegetables make your urine of bright yellow color. The common foods that change color of the urine are asparagus, beet and carrots.
    Try to eat a well-balanced and nutritious meal. Do not worry about the color of the urine. If you cannot still quash your anxiety then consult your doctor. He can advise some tests which will assure you that there is no other reason behind the yellow color of your urine. He can suggest a meal plan for you.
  • Prenatal vitamins – Another cause behind yellow urine during pregnancy is the prenatal vitamins you consume. What you cannot absorb from these supplements is removed through urine. Vitamin B group, especially vitamin B-12 causes bright yellow vitamin.
    You can do nothing unless you have some other discomfort. Continue with your prenatal vitamins as usual.

Precautions – When to worry about yellow urine during pregnancy?

If you experience pain during urinating, or burning sensation while urinating or sudden urge to urinate more often along with yellow urine then you should bring this to the notice of your doctor.

If you experience yellow urine during pregnancy, talk to your doctor and other moms about it. These people will reassure you that there is nothing wrong behind it. Try to remind yourself that yellow urine during pregnancy is a temporary situation and will go away once you give birth to your child. In the meantime, have a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water and continue with the prenatal vitamins.

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