How to remove whiteheads – precautions against whitehead acne

For a teenager the chances of getting whitehead acne are over 70%. Even older people in their 30s or 40s often suffer from whiteheads. Whitehead acne or Acne Vulgaris is a common skin disease. But there is no need to feel overwhelmed by whiteheads and let it damage your social life. It can be removed easily and treated effectively by home remedies and also by medical treatments. But before that you need to know what a whitehead is and how it develops.

What are Whitehead acne?

Whitehead acnes commonly known as whiteheads are white bumpy spots on skin that are mostly non-inflammatory. But some people may get severe types of whiteheads – pustules and nodules which are inflammatory also.

whiteheadacne precaution

whiteheadacne precaurions

How whiteheads or Whitehead acne develop?

Pilosebaceous units contain sebaceous gland and a canal called follicle which contains hair. The sebum that is secreted by sebaceous glands comes out on the surface of the skin through the follicle. Sebum moisturizes our skin and keeps it smooth and soft. Under certain circumstances change in the lining of the follicle hampers the passing of sebum. The cells of the lining of the follicle shed too fast thereby blocking the passage of the sebum. Tiny hair and bacteria pile up to create comedones. A clogged comedo is called a whitehead. It has a whitish and bumpy appearance.

Whitehead acne targeted areas

Whiteheads mainly occur in areas where the sebaceous glands are most densely located like the face, upper chest and neck.

Whitehead acne precaution

Over exposure to sunlight can affect your whiteheads by causing allergic reactions. So try to avoid sunrays and use sunscreens.

Never squeeze whiteheads and apply pressure to remove them. This can leave scars on your face.

Home remedies for whitehead acne

For mild outbreak of whitehead acne home remedies are very helpful.

  • Make a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves and water. You can apply this on your face every night and wash off with warm water. This is very effective in treating whiteheads.
  • Mix salt and lime juice in raw milk and use this mixture as a cleansing solution. This helps to keep skin oil-free and get rid of whiteheads too.
  • You can also take a light steam to open up the clogged pores which causes whitehead acnes.
  • A paste of rose water and sandalwood powder can be very effective in treating whiteheads.

How to remove whiteheads

If you feel too distressed by whiteheads then you can remove them on your own.

  • Take a warm steam for a couple of minutes. When the pores have softened up take a sterilized needle and prick the apex of the whitehead. Position two fingers on either side of the whitehead and gently push it out.
  • Make a lather of baby soap and table salt. Wet a soft brush and dip in the lather. Gently rub the brush over the whitehead affected skin several times. Then wash off. You can remove the whiteheads by pressing them. But never squeeze or use your fingernails.
  • You can remove whiteheads by using blood lancet also. With clean hands puncture the tip of the whitehead with the lancet. With your fingers now push the whitehead so that the pus comes out. Afterwards wash your face and apply tea tree oil on the affected area. This will prevent whitehead from reappearing.

Whitehead acne treatment

For severe outbreaks you should consult a dermatologist for whitehead treatment.

Applying topical medicines like benzyl peroxide and salicylic creams will help you to get rid of whiteheads.

Retinoid cream or lotions are effective in loosening the blockage.

Precautions against whiteheads

These simple steps will not only prevent whiteheads but also endow you with a radiant skin.

  • Properly nourish your skin by providing it with healthful foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Try to avoid fatty foods like butter, red meats, fast foods and cholesterol rich foods.
  • Drink plenty of water to get rid of toxins that accumulate in the body. This will keep your skin hydrated also.
  • Having warm lemon juice in the morning is an excellent detoxifying agent that helps in removing toxins from our body.
  • Alcohol and caffeine robs our skin of its suppleness and moisture. Stay away from them.
  • Exercise promotes good skin by increasing blood flow to the skin.
  • Follow a skin care regime that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  • Your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself. So sleep tight and reduce stress levels which induce secretion from sebaceous glands which is a prime cause behind whiteheads.
  • Protect your skin from too much of rubbing as this may worsen the situation. Always use sunscreen lotions.

Rather being anguished by whiteheads, try to find the best remedy that works for you to remove whiteheads. Adopting precautionary measures will ensure that whiteheads do not raise their ugly heads.

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