Craze For Fast Food

Recently Fast Food has become a good alternative of home made food. The items are found in a reasonably cheap price and almost everywhere. Nowadays people have become so busy that they are very often unable to take home made food. Fast food packed with fat, sugar and obviously salt provides very high calories but there is always shortage of vitamins and minerals. Hence the essential food value decreases which in return becomes harmful for the body.

Sandwiches, Pastries, Burgers, Pizzas have been included in daily diet of the jet age people. Due to various reasons the socio-economic condition is being affected in almost every country. As fast food is easily available and cheap new generation is going after that. The number of restaurants and fast food outlets are increasing. Hence ‘Fast Food Sector’ has achieved the market boom and surely this is going to continue for next few years.

The Seniors Too

Not only children but office employees also have become fond of fast food. Restaurants are the place where they frequent for hours. They drink less water but take more soft drinks without bothering the deadly side effects they consume. The mothers too having been callous regarding the health of their kids allure them to take junk food as well as the fast one. As a result the kids have to face different problems world wide.

The Maladies Waiting

Now taking Fast Food has become the craze among all the classes of people. The spell of Fast Food has grabbed the modern people in such a tight way that they can’t escape out of the grip. It can’t be said that they do not know about the bad impacts of Fast Food they know about it well but plunge into the catastrophic pool willingly. The result is quite at hand. At every house the number of obese people is increasing and the children too are benumbed with unwanted obesity.

The Obese Youth

It is quite pathetic that the children who are the fathers of the nation are going towards severe calamity owing to regular intake of Fast Food. Again lethargy in taking regular exercise, going to the fields to play games make them quite immobile in such a tender age. Watching cartoons or films chewing Fast Food or playing games on the computer for hours make them so fragile that it can’t be predicted with certainty that they would lead the nations to a glorious path.

What To Be Done

The Fast Food in takers must give up taking butter, margarine, or ghee.

Almond oil or olive oil may be taken instead.

Taking much amount of fiber is a must.

Whole Wheat flour instead of polished or refined flour should never be taken.

Burgers or pastries must be deleted from the list of food.

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