Chances of Getting Pregnant on Non-Ovulating Days

Studies have predicted that there is a 25% chance of getting pregnant during ovulation while there is only a 5% chance when you are not ovulating. The perfect ovulations days are assumed to be from 12 to 16 days after the first day of your menstruation cycle. But since every woman may not ovulate in that perfect time, there are chances to get pregnant on your non-ovulating days also. It is said that after the 13th day of your first period day you become most fertile. But since it is really tough to know when you are ovulating some women may get pregnant on days when she is not ovulating.

Chances of getting pregnant on non-ovulation days

Each woman releases one egg in each month but some may release more. Since the egg does not survive for more than 24 to 48 hours or 1-2 days after ovulating, the chance of being pregnant on non-ovulating days is very rare. But if you do intercourse some days before ovulation there can be a chance of pregnancy. The sperms can stay alive several days after intercourse and thus while doing intercourse before ovulation, the sperm may wait for the egg to be released and get fertilized. Thus if you do sex on a non-ovulating day which is closer to your days of ovulation, there is possibility of being pregnant.

getting-pregnant on non-ovulating days

If you have sex after ovulation then it should be within 12 to 24 hours or 1-2 days of ovulation which have possibilities to make you pregnant. Within one week during your normal menstruation cycle, there is some possibility of becoming pregnant if you have proper sex.

If you have a regular periodical cycle then you can check and track your ovulation days which can determine when to have sex to get pregnant. But if you have irregular monthly cycles, it is advisable not to rely on ovulation calendar.

Cervical mucus is another reason which can make you pregnant on your non-ovulating days. It is the sticky substance that helps the sperms for speedy movement to pass into the cervix as the menstruation cycle comes near. This fertile cervical mucus may be present several days before you ovulate and thus you may be considered fertile. Hence sexual intercourse at this time could make you pregnant even on your non-ovulating days.
Thus if the sperm survives for five days in the cervical mucus, intercourse up to five days before you actually ovulate could make you pregnant.

Thus pregnancy may occur due to presence of cervical mucus and life span of sperms. Having sex during this time can thus make you pregnant even if you are not ovulating.

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