Baby stomach ache- causes, symptoms and remedies

Baby tummy ache is one of the most common problems that a mother faces while bringing up her baby. A baby can have tummy ache due to various reasons. For a mother it is very vital to understand the symptoms and know remedies to cure tummy ache.

A mother has to identify the pain from other discomforts. Knowing the symptoms of tummy ache will help her to diagnose easily and adopt remedies for such pain.

Symptoms of baby tummy ache

  • It is very difficult to decipher a baby tummy ache but fussiness is a big inkling.
  • A child in pain usually cries and curls up and expresses pain facially.
  • She may look ill and feverish. A baby suffering from tummy ache often feels listless and cannot sleep.
  • Often the pain is located at the centre of the abdomen and she may rub her tummy.
  • A pale look on her face and refusal to eat or drink is quite serious.
  • A child may vomit also while suffering from tummy ache. There is no reason to worry if the vomiting stops within a while along with the pain. But if it continues for more than 24 hours then you should seek medical help.
  • Often a mother cannot distract a baby from the pain by playing and she may keep on crying.

Causes of tummy ache in babies

There can be several reasons behind abdominal pain so we are listing the most common ones here.




Colic is the most common reason behind abdominal pain in babies. Normally babies below 5 months of age suffer from colic. The baby may cry incessantly for few hours and her stomach may look enlarged. There is no cure for colic but the symptoms usually disappear by the time the baby is 5 months old.

Gastroesophegeal reflux

Most babies spit up a little after feedings. But if this phenomenon occurs frequently then it s called gastroesophegeal reflux. Along with this reflux if the baby shows signs of stomach ache then it is called gastroesophegeal reflux disease (GERD). The symptoms of this disease are very typical and easier to diagnose. The babies feel hungry and then suck up milk for 15 to 20 seconds and then they arch their back and start crying.


If stomach ache is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea then there are chances that your baby is suffering from gastroenteritis or stomach flu. Certain viruses are responsible for it and the baby may have mild fever along with loss of appetite which may lead to dehydration.

Your child’s pediatrician should be immediately contacted for advice.

Milk allergy

Some babies have milk allergy which means that their immune system is reacting to the proteins found in milk. The symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting along with stomach ache. In that case you should avoid giving her milk-based formula and also stop consuming milk products if you breastfeed her.

Change in diet and constipation

Often babies suffer from tummy ache when they are first introduced to solid foods. The digestive system takes time to adjust to new food and the baby may experience stomach pain and constipation also. These symptoms normally disappear with time.

Remedies for tummy ache

A mother feels distraught to see her baby suffer from tummy ache. But the best thing to do is to keep calm and start with home remedies to ease it.


Often rest is the best remedy. A baby down with abdominal pain should be laid on her stomach. If the pain is caused by gas then this will provide her relief. Let your child decide the position in which she feels more comfortable.


Diet plays a vital role in curing abdominal pain. A baby in pain may refuse to eat. So do not force her. Instead ensure that she takes in fluid adequately. If the baby is vomiting then she may not be able to take fluids also. So insist on giving her in small quantities to avoid dehydration.

Avoid boiled milk or water as infants may not be able to digest it. Go for dehydration liquids that doctors recommend and try to bring back your child to normal diet as fast as possible.

If your child is accustomed to solid food then reintroduce them when she feels better. Banana and mashed rice are good options to bring her back to normal diet after tummy ache.


Often massaging the stomach in circular motion helps to cure tummy ache. If the baby suffers from constipation or colic then is very effective.

Applying hot water bottles on her stomach may ease her pain.

Medical help

If the baby complains of tummy ache for a longer time or the symptoms resemble GERD or stomach flu or gastroenteritis then you should consult your pediatrician for medication.

Tummy aches are a part of growing up process of every baby. So you have to learn to identify the symptoms and causes of it and adopt remedies to relieve your baby from tummy ache.

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